Len Kong Farm Family - Person Sheet
Len Kong Farm Family - Person Sheet
NameLen Kong FARM 515,520, M
Birth28 May 1838, Lufeng City, Huizhou County, Guangdong Province, China521
Residence1896, Fort near Beretania135 Age: 57
MemoAge - 57
Residence6 Oct 1900, Pawaa, Oahu192 Age: 62
Residence1900, King St.136 Age: 61
MemoAge - 61
Residence1905, 2032 Wilder Ave., Punahou, Honolulu, Hawaii135 Age: 66
MemoAge - 66
Residence1907, 2032 Wilder Ave.135,138 Age: 68
MemoAge - 68
Death26 May 1913, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii169,520,522,523 Age: 74
Burial27 May 1913, Corner of Wilder Ave. & Pensacola St., Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii524
Lat/Long*21.307700, -157.84152526
Alias/AKAAhkun, Acong (18)525
OccupationClerk @ Hobron Drug Co. @ age 57 yrs. old, 1896-1897 Directory135
Cause of deathDiabetes, duration 5 yrs. 1 mo. 1 day; contributing: Gangrene of foot & Septic Semia or Septicemia, duration 6 days.524
CemeteryMakiki Chinese Christian524
FlagsEarliest Ancestor
FatherFAN , M
MotherUnknown , F
Birth1 Apr 1856, Guangdong Province, China210,516
Residence1896, Fort near Beretania135 Age: 39
MemoAge - 40
Residence6 Oct 1900, Pawaa, Oahu192 Age: 44
Residence1900, King St.136 Age: 43
MemoAge - 44
Residence21 Apr 1921, 2032 Wilder Ave., Punahou, Honolulu, Hawaii517 Age: 65
MemoAge - 65
Residence24 Aug 1926, 2032 Wilder Ave., Punahou, Honolulu, Hawaii169 Age: 70
MemoAge - 70
Residence28 Jun 1927, 2032 Wilder Ave., Punahou, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii146 Age: 71
MemoAge - 71; lives with Tung Tet
Residence17 Apr 1928, 3228 Harding Ave., Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii152 Age: 72
MemoLiving with Farm Cornn in Honolulu
Death12 Feb 1929, 3228 Harding Ave., Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii210,518,519 Age: 72
Memo1130 hrs, home of En Oi’s
Burial13 Feb 1929, Corner of Wilder Ave. & Pensacola St., Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii518
Lat/Long*21.307700, -157.84152526
Alias/AKAAPO; Chong Ten Yun Farm, Chong Ten Yuen (1009); Chong Yuen Keau (730 & 732), Chung Yun Kyau, Chong Shee (1005); “Apo or PoPo (sp)" (17)207,134,192,145,204
Cause of deathShort illness519
CemeteryMakiki Chinese Christian518
FlagsEarliest Ancestor
Marriage1876, Hong Kong, China168,527
ChildrenEn Oi , M (1874-1948)
 Cornn Yun , M (1877-1959)
 Thz Fo , M (1878-1943)
 Tet On , F (1880-1926)
 Sing Chong , M (1885-1908)
 Che Bui , M (1886-1945)
 Tung Tet , F (1891-1963)
 En Yin , M (1893-1964)
 Kin Han , F (1895->1964)
 Ah Lin , F (1897-1954)
 UNNAMED , F (-<1893)
Notes for Len Kong FARM
-CONFLICT: These sources have him born: Apr 1839168,520,136

-Also known as (Farm Lin Kong529,168, Lan Kong153, Farm Kong135, Farm Lam K.135, Farm Len Kong135, "Akun or Ahkun(sp)" - Chinese for grandfather)

-Farm Lin Gong, Fan Lin Gong (Cantonese spelling)531

-From ("Hoy Lok Phone"532, “Hoy Lok Fon”533) district, Kwangtung province. He was a farmer and immigrated to Hawaii from China in 1874.534

-Came from Guangdong province, Huizhou Shi county, Lufeng city or village535. Came from Guangdong province, Huizhou County, Lufeng City, Village, or District. FAN is a common name in the area of Lufeng. People from this area are very poor farmers mostly.247,536

-Came from Kwangtung province528

-Hoy Luk Fung (Hakka pronunciation); Wai Chow (Hakka), Wai Jou (Cantonese); Fui Jin County (Hakka)531

-On Len Kong's tombstone, Huizhou is a County in Canton, a Province, Lufeng is a city520

-He was a “Pack Rat”. Alex Farm and Toni Farm feel that is where all the Farm’s get that trait from.224,537

-He was of Hoc Lo dialect which is between Hakka and Tchu Chow dialects535

-He was a clerk @ Hobron Drug Co. @ age 57 yrs. old; lived @ Fort near Beretania, & 2032 Wilder Ave.135

-In 1900 he was 61 yrs old, married 24 yrs., been in US 23 yrs., raised pigs, spoke Hawaiian, but did not speak, read or write English. He immigrated to Hawaii in 1877.168 He lived on King St.136

-He was one of many Christians who migrated to the Hawaiian Isalnds from South China. Among the thousands who came, they arrived in 1876 as a small group of 28 professing Christians, five of them women, who had converted by the Basel missionaries in China. It wasn’t too soon after that when 19 of them took the initative to call on the Rev. Samuel C. Damon, minister of the Seamen’s Bethel Church, to assist them in their Christian nurture. The start of a small night school in the vestry of the Seamen’s Bethel Church might as very well be pinpointed as the “mustard seed” from whence has sprouted The First Chinese Church of Christ in Hawaii.538

-He was the first Baptist convert in China. He brough floral decoarations almost every Sunday for a long time to the First Christian Church on Kewalo St.539

-Attended Chinese Christian Church near Makiki Cemetery. He was one of 36 founders of the church.538

-He attended this church, across from McKinley because they didn’t understand English too well.180,540

-Member of St. Peter's Chinese Church, 1317 Queen Emma St., Honolulu, Hawaii 96813.541

-Septicemia: Septicemia is bacteria in the blood (bacteremia) that often occurs with severe infections.542

-His estate, placed in probate by the Circuit Court of the First Circuit, Territory of Hawaii to be read in chambers in a petition for administration by En Oi Farm.523

-Tombstone reads: a name of a friend, (no name), from India who was a good person; very happy with God in Heaven; religious brother was very religious520

-His tombstone reads: "I believe you therefore brethren by the mercies of God to present your bodies a living sacrifice holy acceptable to God which is your spiritual service", Romans 12-1
Notes for Chong Ten Yun (Spouse 1)
-Also known as (Chong Ten Yun Farm, Chong Ten Yuen169,152,528, Chung Yun Kyau529, Chong Shee168,152,4, "Apo or PoPo(sp)" - Chinese for grandmother530; Mrs. L.K. Farm153)

-Hakka Spelling: Ten Yun Chong Farm (Christian name), Farm Chong Shee.531

-Conflict: Source says she was born in March 1857168,136

-Came from Kwangtung province.528 Native of Hong Kong.518

-She spoke Hawaiian, but did not speak, read or write English. She immigrated to Hawaii in 1877 with Len Kong. In 1900, she was 43 yrs. old and the mother of 11 children with 10 still alive.168

-PoPo kept the family together.180

-She traveled to California once.204

-Upon her death she had lived in Hawaii for 53 yrs. from the time of her immigration to Hawaii, which would place that year of immigration at 1876. It says she is survived with 8 children, 25 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. Services was held at the Chinese Christian Church on King St. opposite McKinley HS at 1500 hrs.518

-Tattie took care of her.224

-She had a recipe to draw out boils called “Apo’s Medicine”. It was like a brown soap mixture you put on the boil and bandaged up and by the next day it would bring the boil to a head, even without a head.224

-On her tombstone reads: "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that who so ever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life", John 3-16515

-Services: Chinese Christian Church519
Notes for Len Kong & Chong Ten Yun (Family)
Len Kong was 36 or 37 yr. old. Ten Yun was 19 or 20 yrs. old.168
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