Len Kong Farm Family - Person Sheet
Len Kong Farm Family - Person Sheet
NameChe Bui FARM 133, M
Birth4 Dec 1886, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii5,117,134
Residence1896, 2028 Wilder Ave., Punahou, Honolulu, Hawaii135 Age: 9
MemoAge - 9
Residence1900, King St.136 Age: 13
MemoAge - 13
Residence1905, 2028 Wilder Ave.135 Age: 18
MemoAge - 18
Residence1907, Kalihi Rd. near Kaumualii135 Age: 20
MemoAge - 20
Residence5 Aug 1909, 2032 Wilder Ave.137 Age: 22
MemoAge - 22
Graduation1909, Oahu College (Punahou)5 Age: 22
MemoAge - 22
Residence1912, Kalauao, Aiea135 Age: 25
MemoAge - 25
Residence1 Oct 1914, 3553 Kaimuki Ave.128 Age: 27
MemoAge - 26
Residence1920, 3553 Kaimuki Ave.121 Age: 33
MemoAge - 32
Residence1925, Kalauao, Aiea, Oahu138 Age: 38
MemoAge - 39
ResidenceApr 1930, Kalauao, Aiea, Oahu123 Age: 43
MemoAge - 43
Residence24 Feb 1931, Ewa, Oahu68 Age: 44
MemoAge - 43
Residence10 Oct 1933, Honolulu, Hawaii4 Age: 46
MemoAge - 45
Enlisted25 Apr 1942, WW II Registration139 Age: 55
MemoAge - 55
Residence1 Dec 1943, Honolulu, Hawaii140 Age: 56
MemoAge - 55
Residence10 Apr 1945, Kalauao, Aiea, Oahu5,141,142,143,144 Age: 58
MemoAge - 57
Death10 Apr 1945, Kalapapa, Molokai, Territory of Hawaii5,141,142,143,144 Age: 58
MemoTuesday, Age - 58
Burial1945, Territory of Hawaii
ReligionRoman Catholic
Alias/AKACB, Chee Pui (1014); Che Pui, Chee Bui; Farm Che Be (1005)145,146
Height5' 6”137,147
DescriptionMedium height and Medium build148
Eye colorBlack148
Hair colorBlack148
Descriptioncuts on first finger of right hand149
DescriptionLoss of left big toe150
OccupationStudent @ Punahou @ age 18 yrs. old, 1896-1897 Directory135
EducationHigh School Diploma, Oahu College (Punahou)5,131,141,142,143,144
OccupationCarrier for Hawn Gazette Co. @ age 20 yrs. old, 1905-1906 Directory135
OccupationNotary Public @ age 22 yrs. old137
OccupationBookkeeper for Henry May & Co. @ age 25 yrs. old, 1907 Directory135
OccupationBookkeeper @ age 26 yrs. old128
OccupationBookkeeper at a Grocery Store at age 32 yrs. old151
OccupationBookkeeper for the John Ii Estate in Hon. @ age 40 yrs. old152,117,138,123
OccupationReal Estate & Rental Business @ age 575,141,142,143,144,147
Cause of deathLost At Sea
FatherLen Kong FARM , M (1838-1913)
MotherChong Ten Yun GUEN KAU , F (1856-1929)
Birth9 Mar 1889, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii116,117,118
Baptism10 Mar 1889, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii119,120 Age: <1
MemoOur Lady of Peace Catholic Church
Residence1920, 3553 Kaimuki Ave.121 Age: 30
MemoAge - 30
ResidenceApr 1930, Kalauao, Aiea, Oahu68,122,123 Age: 41
MemoAge - 41
Residence10 Oct 1933, Honolulu, Hawaii4 Age: 44
MemoAge - 44
Residence10 Apr 1945, Kalauao, Aiea, Oahu5 Age: 56
MemoAge - 56
ResidenceJun 1950, 3252 Charles St., Kaimuki, Honolulu, Hawaii124 Age: 61
MemoAge - 61
ResidenceDec 1973, 3247 Kaimuki Ave.118,125 Age: 84
Death20 Dec 1973, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817 126,118,125 Age: 84
MemoHale Nani Hospital; 0600 hrs., Thursday
Burial29 Dec 1973, 45-425 Kamehameha Hwy., Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii127,118
MemoGarden: Bayview II; Lot: 17; Sec: D; Site: 1
Lat/Long*21.392436, -157.79582865
RaceSpanish & Hawaiian4,128,117,118,129,130
EducationHighest Grade: 5th131
OccupationHousewife, 10/1/14128,118,117
Cause of deathA.S.H.D. with Congestive Heart Failure, Arteriosclerosis (Generalized), Diabetes Mellitus118
CemeteryHawaiian Memorial Park132,125
FatherJoseph LUJAN Sr. , M (~1852-1906)
Marriage10 Dec 1910, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii153,154
ChildrenClarence William , M (1914-2002)
 James Keanoaloha , M (1917-1991)
 Joseph Kaohi Sing Chong , M (1918-2004)
 Theodore Che Bui , M (1925-2003)
 William Len Kong Apela , M (1929-2009)
Notes for Che Bui FARM
-Conflict: Source has him born October 1888168

-Also know as: (Chee Pui168, Che Pui169, Chee Bui152)

-Name "Che Bui (Tea Cup)"170

-She told me that her dad picked his birthday.  She said she heard that his Chinese birthday fell on Dec 4th one year and picked it for his regular birth date.171

-He could read and write English and could speak Hawaiian, in 1900 he was 12 yrs. old, at school, attended school 8 mos.168

-He spoke Hakka.163

-Was a student @ Punahou @ age 18 yrs. old; carrier for Hawn Gazette Co. @ age 20 yrs. old; bookeeper for Henry May & Co. @ age 25 yrs. old; lived @ 2028 Wilder Ave., Kalihi Rd. near Kaumualii, & Kalauao, Aiea135

-At age 22 yrs. he was a catcher and captain on the Chinese Athletic Club Baseball Team.172

-March 1908 he traveled aboard the steamer “Nebraskan” to go to San Francisco to visit his brother Sing Chong.172

-Che Bui Farm listed as 22 yrs. old, 5' 5", Notary Public, residing @ 2032 Wilder Ave., Punahou, Hon., with cuts on first finger of right hand . (Certificate of Identity, issued 8/5/09; NARA-San Bruno)137

-The word kalauao is translated as “the multitude of clouds”. (Pukui et al. 1974:75).35

-At age 32 yrs. old, he was a Bookkeeper at a Grocery Store151 Lived @ 3553 Kaimuki Ave. in 1920 @ age 32121

-In 1930, he had a male servant, Moi Hau Sam, 53 yrs. old, living with him and his family.173

-The property on Charles St. was owned by TF or EO and was up for bid. Che Bui bid and got it which is why the family wasn’t close.174

-The Charles St. property was sold because Uncle Billy wanted his money. The McCully property was sold. Uncle Billy hired a lawyer and petitioned his siblings to court to sell the property so he could get his share. He waited patiently for a number of years in trying to negotiate with Uncle Teddy for his portion before going to court.165

-Lost his big toe because two friends were fighting with a shotgun. One shot went off and accidentally got his left big toe.175,176 According to Dad, the toe was buried under the Samoan Coconut Tree at Tutu’s house at 3252 Charles St., Kaimuki, Honolulu.177

-Friday, April 6, 1945, he traveled to Kalaupapa, Molokai to visit the leper settlement traveling aboard the 65’ sampan "Kalawao", operated by the territorial Board of Hospitals Settlements178. The sampan was caught in a bad Kona storm & ran aground on a reef near Kalaupapa Friday night. The sampan & her cargo were lost but all of the persons aboard survived. On Tuesday after visiting @ Kalaupapa, he went fishing for opihi on one of the reefs of the Hermit Isle, the rocks along the shore near the leper settlement. He was accompanied by Alex Winchester & they were enjoying a vacation trip to Molokai. He was caught by a giant wave & hurled from the rocks into the sea. His body was not recovered.5,141,142,143,144

-Lost @ sea @ Kalapapa, Molokai; his death is a mystery because his body was never found179

-Aunty Honey & I spoke to Teruo or (Turo) Ogawa, 81 yrs. old. His wife is Elaine & they live @ 3906 Old Pali Rd., 808.595.7692

He was there with Alec Winchester180 & Grandpa picking opihi about 1730 hrs. that day when Che Bui came up missing. Teruo’s wife, (Metcalf), was watching from above the three of them picking opihi, keeping an eye on them.

Alex, Teruo, & Che Bui were all on different bluffs, but were able to see each other. Water was moderately rough. Anymore rough, they couldn’t have picked.

Teruo & Alex were ready to go home & looked where Che Bui was, & there was no sign of him.

Unusual for Che Bui to be wearing a coat to pick opihi; he was also wearing a watch. Teruo doesn’t remember if he was wearing a hat.

Teruo worked there on Kalapapa. He said he heard rumors that Che Bui had gambling debts & was going to Kaunakakai to borrow money from Yuen.

Teruo said Alex & Che Bui flew into Kalapapa.181

-According to Teruo Ogawa he, Alex Winchester and Che Bui Farm went opihi gathering about 5 pm (Kalawao side near the concrete landing or "Derrick" with concrete steps). He and Winchester were on one point and C.B. on another ledge by himself. Mrs. Ogawa was up on a cliff looking down at them and watching over the trio. The water was moderately rough. When they decided to conclude their opihi picking, Mr. Ogawa motioned to his wife to go get their car. They walked in to wait for C.B.; Mr. Farm was all dressed up(with coat and his watch). Mr. Ogawa thought his attire was unusual for opihi picking. They waited and waited but Mr. Farm never came back, so they started to look for him, but to no avail. So they headed back to get help. A Mr. Dudoit came to help with the search, but still C.B. could not be found. Mr. Ogawa said he "heard”, C.B. had gambling debts. Therefore, after Kalaupapa, C.B. was going to Kaunakakai to borrow money from a Mr. Yuen.
He also heard about C.B.'s gambling debts from a Hawaiian, a Mr. Kila of Waianae.182

-Memorial Service was Sunday, April 22 @ 3pm @ the First Christian Church, 1516 Kewalo St., Rev. C. L. Waite, pastor, officiated.183,184

-His wife Rose, his son Ted & his daughter Rose went to Kalapapa when he came up missing175

-Family wasn't notified until 4/12/45, the day Princess Abigail Kawananakoa (Campbell) and President Roosevelt died. Che Bui went w/Alex Winchester and a lady to the Kalapapa Lepper settlement on business. He was picking Opihi when the lady standing on a ledge where she could see him, had to go to the car for something. When she came back, he was gone. Tutu and Aunty Rose went to the settlement after being notified and went down the trail with Aunty Rose on a horse and Tutu on a donkey.185(Given to Ray K. Farm during a conversation he had w/her)

-Favorite flower was Puakenikeni186

-Che Bui Farm Last Will & Testament, 4/24/31; Hawaii Trust Company, Limited as Trustee43

-Che Bui Farm Estate had these properties: (Ray Farm has records from 1956-1978)
1826 Waiola St., 6,000 sq.ft., Lot K, Block 7, McCully Tract, Tax Key 1-2-3-029-047
1820 Waiola St., 7,200 sq.ft., Lot J, Block 7, McCully Tract, Tax Key 1-2-3-029-048
1817 Algaroba St., 5,400 sq.ft., Lot G, Block 7, McCully Tract, Tax Key 1-2-3-029-056
1819 Algaroba St., 5,400 sq.ft., Lot H, Block 7, McCully Tract, Tax Key 1-2-3-029-057
914 & 918 Pumehana St., 6,784 sq.ft., Lot L-1, Block 7, McCully Tract, Tax Key 1-2-3-029-059
3252 Charles St. & 2347 Kaimuki Ave., 20,180 sq.ft., Lot 12, 13, 27, 28, Block K, Kapahulu Tract, Tax Key 1-3-1-002-02543

-Rose K. Farm Estate had this property on Maui: TMK: 2-9-04-1343
Notes for Rose Kaleionaali’iwahineokaululehuaokekaio’onehu (Spouse 1)
-Hawaiian: 1/2
Spanish: 1/230

-When Tutu was born in 1889, Joseph was 37 yr. old and Malia was 18 yr. old.155

-Middle name has 41 letters156 “The meaning of Hawaiian names is difficult to translate properly, steeped in kaona or hidden meanings. Only the giver would know the true meaning of the name. We can speculate the 'literal' meaning.
(The beloved child of the women chiefs, of the lush lehua forests, of the rough flashing seas)
That's it for now, ask me again next year, and I'll probably give you another answer, plenty of mana in our Tutu's inoa, not anybody has a name like that. I suspect that her 'ohana hailed from Maui, yet cannot confirm.”157

-Mother (Mary’s) family was from Maui158

-Also known as (Luhan, Rose Kaohi, Rose Kaleionehu Luhan117)

-She had a cousin named Sam Lujan whose wife was Alice and they had 3 kids Kenneth, Herman and Leilani.  She said they would visit them at Hakalau on the big island.  I (Nathan) asked her when they would go see them, she said "whenever daddy had time".159,160

-Jackie “Liwai” Pung, pro golfer, was part of Tutu’s ohana. Her father was, Jack Liwai, a musician. Her mother was Jacqueline Nolte (French-German-Irish), Daughters: Barnette Fischer and Leilani.161

-Stepfather is David Kaohi (?)

-”...when Malia married David Kaohi in Aug. 1893, Tutu was 4 yr. old.  (There is argument) that Kaohi is our biological great-grandfather because (one) says that Tutu supposedly always said that Kaohi was her father.  Well no wonder, that's probably the only father she ever knew over Lujan.  We don't know when Joseph Lujan Sr. died and we don't know if Tutu ever had any contact with Lujan”.162

-Grandchildren knew her as "Tutu”.

-Lived @ 3553 Kaimuki Ave. in 1920 @ age 30

-Every night she read her bible and said the rosary. She drove a 61 Sports Fury Chevy, light green. She wore a lot of holokus and Mahala hat. 5th or 6th of Jan. she would open Christmas presents. She would make dried octopus and place in jars. She was very quiet and reserved. She could sit for hours and wouldn’t say anything. She never gave money.163

-She was cooking fish and there was water on the floor. She slipped, fell and broke her hip and went into a nursing home.163

-The word kalauao is translated as “the multitude of clouds”. (Pukui et al. 1974:75).35

-Was a member of the Ahahui Kaahumanu Society which was a civic club in Hawaii formed by Princess Victoria Kamamalu in 1864 to celebrate the life of Queen Ka Ľahumanu and to preserve the monarchy in Hawaii.164 She was past president of Hale O Na Alii and Kaahumanu Society.125 The Kaahumanu Society women wore black holokus and yellow neck bird leis. The Hale O Na Alii women wore while holokus with yellow neck leis or yellow and red neck leis.165

-She was a staunch Catholic, but always respected her Hawaiianess. When Christianity didn’t work for her she fell on her Hawaiianess, i.e. she used Hawaiian salt all the time; it was a symbol of purification. She had Hawaiian salt stashed all over her house. Aunty Honey and Aunty Elsie had to clean her house after she passed.165

-At age 61 she flew with Aunty Rose Farm and 1st Cousins Anna “Lujan” Grote, and Mary “Lujan” Hoapili and her husband Herbert to California on United Airlines flight 6/4/50.166

-“Mom, Tutu, and Uncle Teddy drove cross country to New York City, they might have also gone to Mexico”.166,167

-Tutu’s lawyer was Ernest Kai. The Kalauao property consisted of several parcels. One was locked in and couldn’t legally be gotten. Uncle Teddy and Aunty Honey bought that parcel because the lawyer approached Uncle Teddy and said they had to do something since the parcel was in the middle of the property. Uncle Teddy convinced Tutu and Ernest Kai to sell him another parcel so he could have access to the one in the middsle in case his siblings blocked his access.165

-3247 Kaimuki Ave. was the last house she lived in before going into the ‘Hale Nani” nursing home. There were 4 houses on the property. 3247 was the newest house they built for her. Auctioned off all 4 lots. 3252 Charles St is the one she moved from to the Kaimuki address. It was approx. 1 acre, 10,000 sq. ft. x 4 = 40,000 sq. ft.; big mango trees.165

-She had heart issues, asthma and arthritis that runs in the family.163

-Morturay: Williams; Service: St. Patrick’s Church125 The church is located at 6th and Waialae Ave. It was a high mass with communion. This is where she attended every Sunday.33

-Burial Plot: Standard Size in a Concrete Vault127 (Williams Mortuary, LTD)118

Notes for Che Bui & Rose Kaleionaali’iwahineokaululehuaokekaio’onehu (Family)
-Che Bui was 24 yrs. old & Rose was 21 yrs. old153

-Says her father is: David Kaohi187

-License to marry issued by: Farm Cornn (Che Bui’s brother)153

-Witnesses were: Abraham Kaleikau & Mrs. Mary Ann Kaleikau153
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