Len Kong Farm Family - Person Sheet
Len Kong Farm Family - Person Sheet
NameThz Fo FARM 179,567,584, M
Birth13 Apr 1878, Honolulu, Hawaii210,152,585
Residence1900, King St.136 Age: 21
MemoAge - 22
Employment1904, Honolulu, Hawaii586 Age: 25
MemoAge - 26, He started Aloha Dairy
Residence1907, 2028 Wilder Ave., Punahou, Honolulu, Hawaii138 Age: 28
MemoAge - 27
Residence28 Aug 1909, 2032 Wilder Ave., Punahou, Honolulu, Hawaii587 Age: 31
MemoAge - 29
Residence1912, 2015 Wilder Ave.135 Age: 33
MemoAge - 34
EmploymentOct 1918, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii Territory588 Age: 40
MemoAge - 39; Liberty Auto Shop, LTD.
Residence10 Jan 1920, 2015 Wilder Ave.589,590 Age: 41
MemoAge - 41
Residence17 Apr 1928, 2015 Wilder Ave.152 Age: 50
MemoAge - 50
Residence10 Oct 1933, 2015 Wilder Ave.4 Age: 55
MemoAge - 55
Death30 Nov 1943, At his home, 2015 Wilder Ave.210,133,55 Age: 65
Memo0230 hrs., Tuesday
Burial2 Dec 1943, Corner of Wilder Ave. & Pensacola St., Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii55
Lat/Long*21.307700, -157.84152526
Alias/AKATF, Chee Foo, Tze Faw; Farm Che Wo (1005)145
Height5' 4 1/2"587,585
Eye colorBrown588,585
Hair colorBlack588,585
Skin colorLight Brown585
DescriptionScar on right & left thumb, scar on right wrist592,4,585
OccupationClerk @ age 19 yrs. old168
OccupationRanchman @ age 29 yrs. old587
OccupationPresident-Manager of the Service Cold Storage Co., LTD @ 34 yrs. old, 1912 ? Directory135,528
OccupationDairyman at 38 yrs.593
OccupationManager of Liberty Auto Shop @ age 39 yrs.588
OccupationManager at some business @ age 42 yrs. old589
OccupationDairyman & Automobile Repair Shop @ age 50 yrs. old152,594
OccupationDirector of Hawaii Chinese Civic association @ age 51 yrs. old528
OccupationManager of Service Cold Storage Co., LTD located @ 918 Kekaulike St., Hon. @ 55 yrs. old4
OccupationFounded "Service Ice Co." maker of "Ho-Min Ice Cream"133
Cause of deathHeart Problem
CemeteryMakiki Chinese Christian210
FatherLen Kong FARM , M (1838-1913)
MotherChong Ten Yun GUEN KAU , F (1856-1929)
Birth1 Feb 1881, At Sea off Cape Horn597,593
MemoOn her way to Honolulu from Portugal
Residence10 Jan 1920, 2015 Wilder Ave., Punahou, Honolulu, Hawaii589,590 Age: 38
MemoAge - 38
Residence1 Dec 1943, 2015 Wilder Ave.133 Age: 62
MemoAge - 61
ResidenceDec 1963, 1503-A Alexander St., Honolulu, Hawaii598 Age: 82
Death15 Dec 1963, Honolulu, Hawaii598,599 Age: 82
MemoKuakini Hospital
Burial18 Dec 1963, 529 18th Ave., Honolulu, HI 96816599
Lat/Long*21.268257, -157.79800826
Alias/AKAIrmina, MInnie (1003), Grandma Farm (231), Mina (830); Ermina (980)57,591,598,597
CemeteryDiamond Head; Sec. B, #9-C602
FatherJose de Medeiros THEOTONIO , M (1850-1921)
MotherMaria Isabella RAPOZA , F (1854-1933)
Marriage14 Sep 1911, 1184 Bishop St., Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii603,596
Marr MemoCathedral of Our Lady of Peace Church
ChildrenHelen Martha (Hanaied/Adopted), F (1901-2002)
 Adeline Marqurite (Hanaied/Adopted), F (1902-1971)
 Frank George (Hanaied/Adopted), M (1903-1974)
 Henrietta Lucille (Hanaied/Adopted), F (1905-1997)
 Manuel George (Hanaied/Adopted), M (1908-2002)
 Alexander Stephen , M (1912-2006)
 Edwin Francis Thz Fo , M (1917-1999)
Notes for Thz Fo FARM
-Conflict: Source has him born April 30, 1880604 (Going w/April 13, 1878210,152 because I wouldn’t think the headstone would be incorrect.)

-Also known as (TF135, Chee Foo168, Tze Faw169); pronounced "See Fó".605

-He was sent to China to be educated.  I think there was a lot of discrimination against the Chinese and they were not accepted in the schools.600

-Attended Makiki Christian Church

-Thz Fo was a very clever businessman and owned a dairy, among other things.  He, himself delivered the milk from the dairy and that is how he met Irmina.600

-Anthrax Issue: In June 1917, 80 head of cattle from his dairy were ordered by the Board of Agriculture and Forestry to be quarantined at the Ala Moana Quarantine station. As mentioned by EO, the cattle was the result of 12 long years of constant labor. He started with one heifer and built is herd to 130. The dairy is located at Moiliili.606

-He could read and write English and could speak Hawaiian, worked as a Clerk, in 1900 he was 19 yrs. old168

-He left school at age 20. Right after he left school he went into “labor” work. In 1904, he started the Aloha Dairy factory. At the same time, he went into livestock business.  He was the pioneer of the dairy (milk) business among the Chinese in Honolulu. Aloha Dairy is the biggest among the Chinese. The "Ho-Min" Ice-cream is the product of the Service Cold Storage.586

-Thz Fo Farm listed as 29 yrs. old, 5' 4 1/2", Ranchman, residing @ 2032 Wilder Ave., Punahou, Hon., w/scar on right thumb. (Certificate of Identity #4767, issued 8/28/09; NARA-San Bruno)587

-Worked @ a dairy @ Metcalf near Wilder Ave., resided the same; he was 34 yrs. old135

-Was President-Manager of Service Cold Storage Co., LTD; worked @ a dairy @ 3337 Paalea; lived @ 2015 Wilder Ave.589; he was 34 yrs. old135

-In 1920 he was a Manager at some business589

-5/9/28 - Made his 1st trip to mainland; Dayton, Ohio & stayed for 2 months.152,4 (I think to visit his son Manley, who was living there)528,249.

-10/11/33 - Made 2nd trip to mainland on the "President Lincoln", expecting to stay 5-6 wks. There is a tracing of his signature4,607

-11/13/36 - Returned from trip to Shanghai, China. Traveled w/Irmina and visited w/Chung Mo Yin, Chang Chow, Goo Wo, Wong Wai Wing, & Charles Goo. Signature in Chinese608

-Founded "Service Ice Co." maker of "Ho-Min Ice Cream"179,178,586

-Installed new refrigeration sys. @ Aloha Dairy, located in Palolo Valley178,586

-"During his life time, he devoted much time and talent in promoting the welfare of the Chinese community of Honolulu"528

-He was president of the National Clothing Co. LTD., & vice president of the Liberty Bank of Honolulu. He was president of the Honolulu Chinese Chamber of Commerce for 1941-42609,610 & an official of the Hawaii Chinese Civic association. He was a trustee of the Chinese YMCA & a former president of the Chinese Christian Cemetery association; served as a director of the United Chinese society, the Tan Kwong Chinese language school, & the Liberty News & was a member of the Honolulu Chamber of Commerce. He was a member & former deacon of the First Christian church.528,586,607

-Owner of Aloha Dairy, president of Liberty Auto Shop, vice president of City Mill Co., president of the Palolo Chinese Home611

-Died because of something wrong with his heart179

-Services: Nuuanu Funeral Parlor, was Thursday, December 2nd @ 1600hrs. @ the First Christian Church, 1516 Kewalo St., Rev. C. L. Waite, pastor, officiated.133

-His will was filed Thursday, Dec. 9, 1943 in circuit court. The petition for probate to be heard 1/3/44. The Will was made 10/6/43, the witnesses being W. H. B. White and F. Franks. The excutor is named as the Hawaiian Trust Co. He left all personal effects and automobiles to Mrs. Irmina Medeiros. He bequeathed $4K to each of his children and step-children, $1K to his sisters Tun Tet Farm and Kin Han Chong, and $1K each to the children of his deceased sister Tet On Lyau.

The remainder of the estate will constitute a trust. The widow receive $250/mo. till her death. Upon her death 25% of the estate will go to charity and one half of the remainder to the children and their issue and their issue and the other half of the remainder to the step-children and their issue. The trust will terminate on the death of the last survivor of the wife, the children or the step-children.612

-His estate @ the time of his death was worth $292,932. He held shares of stock in numerous island corporations, the largest single items being 3,216 shares in the Service Cold, Storage Co., appraised at $64,320 & 1,007 shares in the Liberty Auto Shop, appraised @ $18,126. He held two demand notes, each for $10,000 with interest @ 7% from the Service Cold Stroage Co. Fifteen checks found on his person @ the time of his death, amounted to $6,525.57. Cash on deposit to his credit totaled $13,042.79. The estate includes several purchase money mortgages, agreements of sale, notes, & accounts receivable; an 8th interest in a co-partnership the Jewel Box, apprasied @ $5,000; a leased hold, accured rents; an automobile valued @ $278, & several pieces of real estate & improvements. The real estate includes 8 pieces in Honolulu, one piece in Kaneohe, & 9 acres of summer lots @ Olaa, Hawaii.613

-W. H. B. White, vice president of Hawaiian Trust Co., & trustee for the estate.611

-The estate gave scholarships to students @ Yenching Univ., leading Christian college in Peiping611

-I remember my grandfather as being very kind but then I was 5 yrs old when he died.  I imagine that she and TF spoke english together.  I do not think that she spoke Chinese although TF must have since he was educated in China.57
Notes for Erminam (Spouse 1)
-Born on Ship "Highflyer Bark"55

-Irmina was born on a sailing ship called the High Flyer that brought her parents and 2 siblings from San Miguel in the Azores, Portuguese islands, to the Hawaiian Islands.600,597

-Also known as (Medeiros, Aunt Minnie, Ermina Machado)

-About March 1922 when she was 41 yrs. and her son Edwin was 5 yrs., they left Honolulu for San Francisco onboard the “SS Manoa” and returned on the same steamer about June 1922.614

-Went to China w/TF on "President Coolidge". Left Honolulu 8/12/36. Stayed away for 3 months. Arrived in Honolulu 11/13/36 on the "Asunia Marau (sp)" - Returned from trip to Shanghai, China. Traveled w/TF and visited w/Chung Mo Yin, Chang Chow, Goo Wo, Wong Wai Wing, & Charles Goo. Signature. US Passport #9330, issued 4/13/36615,55

-Visited Dayton, Ohio with Mr. & Mrs. Peter Farm, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Jacinth616

-When Manuel died, Irmina, who was uneducated, had 5 children to support.  She took in washing.  Her  elder daughters, Helen and Adeline, delivered the clean, ironed clothes.  We know this from Helen, who lived to be 102.600

-I, of course, remember a lot about my grandmother.  I was her favorite probably because of the name.  She bought the house next to us in Oakland, CA when my mother moved there after my parents divorced.  Aunty Adeline, who was a widow, moved in.  We lived there 2 yrs.  Aunty Adeline lived there many years.  My grandmother did not like the summers in Hawaii so every May she left on the Lurline (she did not want (afraid?) to fly) for San Francisco.  Had the same cabin, porter etc. for years and she would return in the fall.  While we lived in Oakland my grandmother took me on a car trip together with Aunty Lucille, Uncle Freddy (the only driver) and their two children Pat and Al from CA to New York City. Grandma Farm, as I called her, had promised to take me there.  On that trip we stopped in Dayton, Ohio and that is the only time that I met Jean and Buzz.  I met Uncle CK and Aunty FLo in Hawaii a few times.

When I write my memoirs I will indeed send you a copy.  We should get Al to write a bit about that trip.  We are the only two remaining who went on it.  I recall a blue Buick.  Uncle Freddy the only driver, Grandma always sitting in front (she was a large woman) and we children took turns sitting in the middle in front.  Poor Aunty Lucille had to sit in the back with 2 of the children.  This was in '48 or '49.  I would have to look it up.  I even have some photos57

-I do not know why Irmina Farm is buried at Diamond Head instead of Makiki but I can speculate.  Her mother is buried there near her as well as one of her brothers I believe.  Also, that cemetery is THE place that a lot of the Portuguese Catholics are buried.  A number of my mother's family are also buried there.57

-My grandmother was the matriarch of the family.  She was kind to me but she could be very strict and forbidding.  I imagine that she and TF spoke english together.  She spoke english with me with some Portuguese words thrown in.  I do not think that she spoke Chinese...57

-Mortuary: Williams; Service: Sacred Heart Church599

-Grave: From the cross, go about 5 rows towards the entrance to cemetery42
Church notes for Thz Fo & Erminam (Family)
-Performed: Rev. Stephanus. Witnessed: Henrico Freitas & Maria Freitas.596
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