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Farm Family
Created by Ray K. Farm (Great-Grandson of Len Kong)
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I’m guessing this picture was taken in 1904, maybe 1905, (based on, I think Tet On is holding her oldest daughter Elizabeth, who would have been 1 yrs. old in 1904).

The picture includes Len Kong & Ten Yun with their 10 children, and Tet On’s baby and EO’s wife as stated below. I believe their youngest daughter died before this picture was taken. (Have not been able to find a name for this daughter)

The names of the people in the picture above, from left to right, are:
(En Yin “Peter”, Farm Cornn, Tet On, holding on her lap, I’m guessing Tet On’s baby “Elizabeth”, Tung Tet “Tattie”, Ten Yun Chong “Matriarch”, Che Bui, Sing Chong, Len Kong “Patriarch”, Ah Lin “Jennie”, Thz Fo “TF”, En Kyau Lyau “EO’s wife”, En Oi “EO”, and Kin Han “Emma”)

This is a culmination of work that was started by me, Ray K. Farm, in 1975.

Recently the National Genealogical Society established a set of guidelines that have been released regarding "Standards For Sharing Information With Others".

Knowing that these standards have been established, it is my wish to respect my living relatives right to privacy! Therefore, if you find anything on this site that violates that right to privacy, please contact me. Kindly request that the information be restricted to private. I take privacy very seriously. All living persons, or anyone that has requested their information remain private within this tree, are listed only as “Confidential”, with no further information. If you find any persons who are living, but are not marked as such, please contact me, and I will rectify the situation immediately. I'll be happy to work with you and your right for privacy.

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This is a work in progress that is only as good as the overall sources and those who are willing to contribute.

My intent has always been to document and capture as much, if not all that I can, so that current and future generations of my family do not have to wonder and ask where they came from, like I did.


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