Farm Family - Person Sheet
Farm Family - Person Sheet
NameAh Sing WAN 716,717,718, M
Birthbef 18 Oct 1885, China719,717,718,713
Residence15 Oct 1917, Honolulu, Hawaii718 Age: 31
Alias/AKAAh Sing Wong713
OccupationGeneral Home Cooking202
FatherTin Kee WAN , M
MotherZam SIN , F
Birth15 Sep 1895, Honolulu, Hawaii202,693
ResidenceJun 1900, King St.169 Age: 4
MemoAge - 2
Residence5 Aug 1909, 2032 Wilder Ave., Punahou, Honolulu, Hawaii709 Age: 13
MemoAge - 11
Residence21 Apr 1921, 2032 Wilder Ave. Age: 25
MemoAge - 23
Residence24 Aug 1926, 2229 S. San Pedro St., Los Angeles202,179 Age: 30
MemoAge - 28
Residence17 Apr 1928, Los Angeles185 Age: 32
MemoAge - 30
Residence10 Jul 1936, 252 Arondale Ave., Brentwood, West Los Angeles, California699 Age: 40
MemoAge - 40
Residence29 May 1937, 700 block of N. Hoover St., Los Angeles, California710 Age: 41
MemoAge - 41; Possibly #764 N. Hoover St.
Residence1 Dec 1943, Los Angeles173 Age: 48
MemoAge - 45
Residence10 Apr 1945, Los Angeles5 Age: 49
MemoAge - 47
Residence27 Sep 1948, Los Angeles Age: 53
MemoAge - 51
Residence4 Jul 1960, San Bernadino, California693 Age: 64
Deathaft May 19645,700,665 Age: 68
Alias/AKAEMMA, Kin Heang, Mary Chong (1013); Kin Hen Farm, Kin Chong (939); Farm Gin King (1005); Kin Han Chong, Mrs. Chong Yin Poy, Wong Kin Han (1015)700,712,713,178,714,699
DescriptionLarge scar near the left ear, scar middle of forehead715,711
Height5' 5"711
Eye colorBrown711
Hair colorBlack711
OccupationStudent @ age 11 yrs. old715
FatherLen Kong FARM , M (1838-1913)
MotherChong Ten Yun GUEN KAU , F (1856-1929)
Marriage18 Oct 1917, 1506 Kewalo St., Honolulu, Hawaii202,720,717,718,721,722
Marr MemoChristian Church
Divorce15 Feb 1921550,723,720
ChildrenAh Loy , M (1918-1952)
Notes for Kin Han (Spouse 1)
-Also know as: (Emma725, Kin Heang201, Mary700 Chong256)

-In 1900, Source says she was 5 yrs. old.201 She was actually 2 yrs. old. based on her Birth Date.550

-Kin Han Farm listed as 13 yrs. old, 4' 10 1/2", Student, residing @ 2032 Wilder Ave., Punahou, Hon., w/large scar near the left ear, scar middle of forehead. (Certificate of Identity #4250, issued 8/5/09).709,711 She was actually 11 yrs. old. based on her Birth Date.550

-She first went to Calif. in 1913 when she was 16 yrs. old with a family known as Zane and returned a yr. later to marry Ah Sing.724

-4/21/21 she was 24 yrs. old and she & her father, (actually, I think it was her mother), were intervied to establish Hawaiian birth of herself & son, Ah Loy, prior to departure to the mainland from Hon. w/her son under her married name of Kin Han Wong. There is a tracing of her signature.
There is a tracing of his signature723. (But I believe it is Ten Yun's signature because her father died in 1913, and in 1921, her mother was 65 yrs. old)550,711

-7/23/26 she was 28 yrs. old and she & her son, Ralph, arrived in Hon. from LA on "SS City of Los Angeles", under her married name of Kin Han Chong. She came to visit her mother, brothers, & sisters.202

-8/28/26 she & her son, Ralph departed fron Hon. to LA on "SS City of Los Angeles".202 They returned Sept. or Oct of 1930.699

-5/7/1932 she went to San Francisco and was held in detention for 31 days.699

-5/14/32 she was 34 yrs. old and she & her son, Ralph, and Farm Cornn arrived in San Pedro, CA from Hon.256 on SS City of Los Angeles726

-8/15/1936 she was 40 yrs. and she and her son, Ralph, arrived in San Pedro, CA from Honolulu on “SS Malolo”.699
Notes for Ah Sing & Kin Han (Family)
-He was 32 yrs. old & she was 21 yrs. old.718,727

-1506 Kewalo St., Hon.717

-License to marry issued by Palmer P. Woods
Witnesses: Belle or Bettie Bucklin & Tung Tet Farm (Tattie)717,718,727,721

-Married by Rev. David C. Peters, Minister Christian Church, Hon.717,727,721

-At the time of the divorce, Mrs. Palmer and her sister, Mrs. Graves, were living in Hollywood, and Mrs. Palmer immediately sent passports for Kin Han, her mother & Ah Loy, & they arrived in SF on a Matson Liver in the Fall of 1921.724
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