Len Kong Farm Family - Person Sheet
Len Kong Farm Family - Person Sheet
NameWilliam GRAY 152, M
Residence17 Apr 1928, Honolulu, Hawaii152
Birth17 Nov 1891, Corner of S. King St. & Isenberg St., Mo’ili’ili District, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii168,661,662,663,664,665,146,666
MemoWhere old Mo’ili’ili baseball ground is now
Residence1900, King St.136 Age: 8
MemoAge - 9
Residence19 Feb 1909, Makiki St., Makiki659 Age: 17
MemoAge - 17
Residence24 Aug 1926, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii169 Age: 34
MemoAge - 34
Residence28 Jun 1927, 2032 Wilder Ave., Punahou, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii146 Age: 35
Residence17 Apr 1928, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii152 Age: 36
MemoAge - 36
Residence10 Jul 1936, 859 Ocean View Dr., Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii666 Age: 44
MemoAge - 44
Residence1 Dec 1943, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii528 Age: 52
MemoAge - 51
Residence10 Apr 1945, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii5 Age: 53
MemoAge - 53
Residence12 Apr 1946, 834 Paahana St., Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii212 Age: 54
MemoAge - 54
Residence27 Sep 1948, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii200 Age: 56
MemoAge - 56
Residence11 Jul 1960, 834 Paahana St., Honolulu, HI667,660,664 Age: 68
Death5 Nov 1963, Honolulu, Hawaii200,665,664 Age: 71
MemoQueen’s Hospital at 2345 hrs.
Burial9 Nov 1963, 1620 Pensacola St., Honolulu, HI667
Alias/AKATattie (1015); Ah Dah or Ah Dat, Ah Tet (1009); Taddie, Taddy, Tung Tet (127), Tong Tet (738); Farm Duck (1005)659,663,145,204,666
OccupationStudent @ age 17 yrs. old
OccupationMaid for a Dr. David G. Walters Sr. & his wife when she was 18 yrs. old668
OccupationCook for Mrs. Bell Palmer, 1912 Directory, @ age 21 yrs. old135
OccupationPractical Nurse in 1927; 36 yrs.146
OccupationPractical Nurse, Housekeeper and Cook in 1936; 44 yrs.666
OccupationHousekeeper in 1946212
Height5' 1 1/2"659
DescriptionSmall pox mark on the right side of the face near the corner of the mouth669
CemeteryMakiki Chinese Christian Cemetery (Haven’t been able to locate her grave)667,155
FatherLen Kong FARM , M (1838-1913)
MotherChong Ten Yun GUEN KAU , F (1856-1929)
Marriageaft Jul 1936152,204,146,666
Notes for William GRAY
-Haole guy who was stationed at the Makupu Lighthouse. He was cartaker and they lived there for awhile. The marriage didn’t last long, only 2-3 yrs.224,180
Notes for Tung Tet (Spouse 1)
-Also known as (Ah Dah or Ah Dat168, Ah Tet668, Taddie, Taddy, Tattie135, Tun Tet670,169)

-She could read and write English and could speak Hawaiian, in 1900 she was 9 yrs. old, at school, attended school 8 mos.168

-Tung Tet Farm listed as 17 yrs. old, 5' 1 1/2", Student, residing @ Makiki St., Makiki, Hon., with small pox mark on the right side of the face near the corner of the mouth. (Certificate of Identity #2601, issued 2/19/09; NARA-San Bruno)659

-In May 1910 she was a Maid for a Dr. David G. Walters Sr. & his wife when she was 18 yrs. old668

-She would go to Round Top a lot to get plants from the poisonous “Pahoas”; they were really oily.224

-She had very bad arthritis.163

-Went to San Francisco on the S. S. Sierra in Sept. 1910 and again in May 1912.146

-Arrived in Honolulu from San Francisco on "SS Manchurai", 12/19/10, when she was 19 yrs. old671

-Arrived in Honolulu from San Francisco on "SS Wilhelmina", 8/6/12, when she was 20 yrs. old672

-Arrived in Honolulu from San Francisco on "SS Sierra", 11/10/13, when she was 22 yrs. old673

-Arrived in San Francisco from Honolulu on "Ecuador", 12/29/20, when she was 29 yrs. old674

-Arrived in San Pedro/Wilmington/Los Angeles, California from Honolulu on "SS Calawaii ", 7/23/27-7/30/27, when she was 35 yrs. old662

-Possibly married a Clark

-Services at the Williams Mortuary chapel, officiated by Bishop Glenn Lung of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.667,664

-Question: Who is Mrs. Orvis Parker of Oregon, that she has listed as a sister in her obituary. There is no other reference in my research to this sister.667,664
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