Len Kong Farm Family - Person Sheet
Len Kong Farm Family - Person Sheet
NameEn Kyau LYAU 567, F
Birth9 Apr 1882, Kohala, Hawaii568,569,526
Residence1912, 3228 Harding Ave., Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii570 Age: 29
MemoAge - 30
Residence1920, 1026 5th Ave. W., Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii560 Age: 37
MemoAge - 37
ResidenceApr 1930, 3228 Waialae St., Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii562 Age: 47
Death16 Aug 1930, 3228 Harding Ave., Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii571,526,572 Age: 48
Memo1515 hrs.
Burial17 Aug 1930, Corner of Wilder Ave. & Pensacola St., Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii572
Lat/Long*21.307700, -157.84152526
Alias/AKALyau En Kyau529
Cause of deathLong Illness572
CemeteryMakiki Chinese Christian210
Father? LYAU , M (-<1902)
MotherYet Kyau LYU , F (1849-1927)
Birth18 Feb 1874, Lufeng City, Huizhou County, Guangdong Province, China210,557,200,201,526
Baptism2 Sep 1894, Honolulu, Republic of Hawaii558 Age: 20
MemoFirst Christian Church
Residence1900, King St.136 Age: 25
MemoAge - 26
Residence1907, Isabella Ave. near Pahoa Ave.135 Age: 32
MemoAge - 33
Employment1907, Queen & Alaka St., Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii Territory179,559 Age: 32
MemoCalifornia Feed Co.
Residence1912, 3228 Harding Ave., Honolulu, Hawaii135 Age: 37
MemoAge - 38
ResidenceOct 1918, 1026 W. 5th Ave., Hon.560,561 Age: 44
MemoAge - 43
Residence24 Aug 1926, Honolulu, Hawaii169 Age: 52
MemoAge - 52
ResidenceApr 1930, 3228 Waialae St., Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii562 Age: 56
Residence1 Dec 1943, Honolulu, Hawaii140 Age: 69
MemoAge - 68
Residence10 Apr 1945, 3228 Harding Ave., Honolulu, Hawaii5,563 Age: 71
MemoAge - 71
Death25 Sep 1948, 3228 Harding Ave., Honolulu, Hawaii210,200,201,526,564 Age: 74
Memo0045 hrs., Saturday, at his home
CremationSep 1948, Honolulu, Hawaii564 Age: 74
Burial30 Sep 1948, Corner of Wilder Ave. & Pensacola St., Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii200
Lat/Long*21.307700, -157.84152526
Alias/AKAEO, Farm En O. (15); Farm Yan Oi (1005)135,145
EducationStudied in public school when he was young565
Eye colorBrown561
Hair colorBlack561
OccupationShipping Clerk for California Feed Co. @ age 33 yrs. old, 1907 Directory135,138
OccupationReal Estate Broker @ age 38 yrs. old, 1912 Directory135
OccupationBookkeeper for Trust Co. @ age 43 yrs. old221
OccupationPart of Owner of Poi Factory @ age 49566
OccupationReal Estate Business in Honolulu @ age 54 yrs. old152,562
OccupationHonolulu Business Man & Real Estate Broker179,563,200
CemeteryMakiki Chinese Christian210,200
FatherLen Kong FARM , M (1838-1913)
MotherChong Ten Yun GUEN KAU , F (1856-1929)
Marriage9 Dec 1902, Kohala, Territory of Hawaii529
ChildrenRuth Lu Tet (Adopted), F (1909-2004)
 Dorcas To Ka (Adopted), F (1918-2015)
Notes for En Kyau LYAU
-Information from tombstone520

-Service: Christian Church on Kewalo St.572
Notes for En Oi (Spouse 1)
-Conflict: Source has him born December 1877168, & headstone says via Chinese character, he was born in Dec., but English says Feb.520 526 (I'm going with Feb., based on the explanation below by Lannie), (Other sources have him born in Feb. Need to Confirm).478 Source has him born January 14, 1876.561

needless to say, it all depends on when and where the translation was done.  If it was in the states and they are translating from a document from English to Chinese, then I would lean towards the English version of the birthday being in February 18th of 1874.  Instead of writing 二 they wrote 十二.

If it was a translation of a Chinese document to English, then the birthdate could be the Chinese version on the stone of December 18 of 1874.   Translating/misreading the twelve (十二) as two (二).

Please note that February would be 二月 and December would be 十二月, just an extra character "十"  Easily mistaken either way”.579

-On En Oi's tombstone, Huizhou County in Canton Province, Fey Chu is a District or Region, Yen Oy (?), Look Fung City520

-Ancestral home is Hoy Lok Fon district, Kwangtung province.570

-First Immigrated to Hawaii in 1877168,560. He could read and write English and could speak Hawaiian, he worked as a Clerk, in 1900 he was 23 yrs. old168

-He first came to Hawaii about 1883 @ age 9 yrs. old558,200

-1st marriage he was 28 yrs. old & 2nd marriage he was 58 yrs. old.
Conflict: Source says he wa 56 when he married Mary Moo576

-He wanted to adopt his brother Che Bui’s son, Joe because he didn’t have any children, but Che Bui said "NO"; this was prior to the adoption of Dorcas & Ruth580

-He was the only one who had ivory chop sticks that he bought from Canton. If he rung the bell, you had to come. He had a den full of books.180

-He was a clerk for California Feed Co. @ age 33 yrs. old; lived @ Isabella Ave. near Pahoa Ave., & 3228 Harding Ave.135 & 179

-He was a Bookkeeper for Trust Co. @ age 43 yrs. old221

-Died @ home @ 0045 hrs. on Saturday, cremated. Funeral Service @ Akana's Nuuanu Funeral Parlor, Wed., Sept. 29 @ 1400 hrs., @ the First Christian Church, 1516 Kewalo St., Rev. C. E. Burgess, officiated. Burial of ashes 1500 hrs., Thursday, Sept. 30th. Family requests no flowers. Donations may be made to En Oi Orphanage in China, c/o United Chinese News, 1017 Maunakea St. Honary Pallbearers will be Fred E. Haley, F. Ray Van Brocklin, Rolla K. Thomas, Tin Yuke Char, Oren E. Long, & Henry Akui Tyau; active Pallbearers will be Ralph E. Doty, William A. Raseman, Gordon A. Cottington, K. B. Lee, Rence Hu, & K. M. Soong.179,200,201,564

-He was a member of the Chinese YMCA, Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Chinese Civic Club, Honolulu Realty Board, Tung Tsin Society, Director of the Liberty Auto Shop, Director of Palolo Old Men's Chinese Home.200,564

-E.O. Farm is a member and a former director of the Honolulu Realty Board, realtor and dealer in real estate, with offices at 12 N. Beretania St. His slogan is “Own Your Home, Sweet Home”. He is also president of the Liberty Auto Shop, Ltd., a director of the Union Syndicate, Ltd., and of the American Japanese Investment Co., Ltd., and has been a vice-president of the United Syndicate Ltd. He is a member of the Ad Club, as well as a member and trustee of the “First Christian Church” on Kewalo St.570

-A realtor and prominent member in the Chinese community.578

-His estate is valued at $211,462.00. Shares of stock: $54,380.00, and real estate approx. $156,547.00.581
Notes for En Oi & En Kyau (Family)
-Married when she was 20 yrs. old then moved to Honolulu. He was 28 yrs. old.
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